Sunday, 30 March 2008

Will you ever read about Maxwell T. Walters?

About 15 years ago - in 'the before time' - I wrote this short story about a private detective that could jump between dimensions. About 40 pages long, it was the first story I took to completion, instead of just exploding in the launch pad - I have about 10 of those.... Anyway, it's not a bad story, but in rectrospect - hindsight is a beautiful thing.... - it sounds really predictable and childish. Forward a decade. Just before I moved to the UK, I decided to have another go at the story. Max was at the back of my head, scratching to get out. So I kept the carachters, 'cos I thought there was potential there, changed the action from NY to London - even in the year 2105, might as well write about a city that I actually know.... - and adapted the whole interdimensional thing into something more (?) palatable. I then ran out of free time during my PhD. So Max, Jack and Ooze are still there, half emerged from my mind, running around the dirty back streets of the mega-metropolis that is Magna London. I hope you get to read them at some point. As the Brothers for Solar Unity would say: 'Stay in peace, all is One'.