Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I hate not knowing stuff. For the last couple days I've been feeling a little bit under the weather. No other physical reasons. I hate not knowing. If its the flu, I can deal with it. Lack of sleep, same. Allergy, same. But this? I'm spanking hugely happy, slept loads, been eating well. Rant over. We now resume normal services.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

New blog!

There you go. Decided to get a little bit of fresh air onto the blogsphere. I love the new look, if I do say so myself. So..... what else? Meerkat is still around and my love for her is stronger than ever, half term is upon us (woop, woop!), weather is turning towards freezing.... So you know, going well! ;)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Old age, here I am,,,,

Last week, I celebrated my 35th circuit around the Sun. Those who know me, know that I couldn't care a tin of beans re: chronological age. Today, however, on a very early train out of Birmingham New Street, something happened that made me feel old, old, old. Carriage was very empty, as it would be at 8 something in the morning on a Sunday morning. I was reading my book, and I heard the ticket guy saying 'You OK, sweetheart?', 'Don't worry, I've seen it all on a Sunday morning.'. 'You'll be OK?', and then a young female voice going 'Yeah, I'll be fine, just want to get home.'
I immediately forgot about this and carried on reading. About 15 mins later, as we approached a station, someone got up from behind me and moved over to the door. Instinctively I looked over. She was short, spiky blond hair, couldn't have been a day over 17, 18. Massive headphones, quite obviously coming from from heavy clubbing/raving. She was dressed in a cropped tshirt and what can only be described as a thong, revealing pretty much all of of her buttocks.
Two thoughts assailed me, followed quickly by a third. 1) I'm sure she's cold, 2) I hope she gets home OK, bless her, and 3) Taking 1) and 2) into consideration, I'm bloody old.
I'm old. Meh.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rumblings and ramblings....

The weather is starting to turn. Nature is going back into her slumber for another few months. But its different now. There's a butterfly-in-stomach thing. Antecipation. The small furry borrower has borrowed into my heart. And it doesn't feel odd. It feels right. And good. Some people - bless them - don't get it, not really. Too confortable with sticking things in labeled drawers. Thank the Universe I've had Cai 'Shades of Grey' in my life for long enough to see beyond it. So yeah. All good!