Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I flippin'-diddly-uh-da did it!

I did it. The three peaks. It took us 27 hours, but we did it. I walked,
limped or hopped up and down the three highest peaks un the UK. I did it. I can bloody do anything. See if I won't. I'm a leaf in the wind, watch how I soar.... (PS - This is a Delek at the top of Snowdon)

Through the blast furnace.

So I went home for the summer. It was so damn hot it was untrue. Seriously seriously hot. And moist. Trully, horrible. C will never let it drop, 'har har, you thought it was hot, har har'. Anyhoot, it was still great. Seeing my grandfolks, or rather, saying goodbye. That was good. Meeting up with friends, family. Having quiet walks around Edward VII park, just chilling, effortlessly. So yeah, all good. Cleared cobwebs, really. Now bak to old Blighty. Getting some driving lessons, and a car! (If all goes well!) Golden Hanshake finnaly kicked in, Gates of Hades, I hate taxes.... But its a gift, so am not saying no! And yeah. If you're wondering, I am still smiling.