Sunday, 9 June 2013

So yeah....

The title says it all. The photography thing worked fine for a week or two, then life got in the way. And the fact i work all day doesn't really allow for much picture taking. So I'll put that in standby. I felt good when people praised my pics, and told me the photo guy that went to my school (60 quid!) was a bit meh. I have no training, only passion. Crap, I sound like my dad. Much has happened, most of it good. Overall I cannot complain, I get the feeling that Pt is much worse than me, and even over here, tings could be worse. J is trying to find her niche, which is lovely. So all goodness. I hope to keep this up, see how long that lasts....

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 2

The 'Days' will of course not be sequential. They will be when I have taken them and uploaded them.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

A million words

Sometimes you feel like there must be something new, exciting. As we say in the Old Country, to clear out cobwebs. I will attempt, to the best of my abilities, to start one of those 'A picture a day' things. Probably too much, to expect 365 during 1 year, but I will still try and do as many as I can. Mostly to try out my new camera. And some will be edited!


Saturday, 17 September 2011


I could explain. But I won't. For this time only, I think I'd rather revel in the geekiness. Eh.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Arrrrrgh, it be pirates!

In the long long ago, in the time before time, in the mists of the Big Bang (around 1990) a series of games came out. Remember, this is before Pirates of the Carabean were even a glint in some screenwriters' eye. The games were done by Lucasarts (All praise be to them!) and they were, in a word, Insane. In two words, Bloody Insane. In three, Hillariously Bloody Insane. They were a part of that dying breed, the adventure game. You didn't have to go around shooting people\aliens. You interacted with the enviroment, picked up objects, used them together and moved on in the game. They kept making sequels, we're probably on nuimber 4 or 5 by this point, but they can't beat the sheer insanity of the 1st two. Or indeed the rush when we found that when we needed 'a crushed skull' for a vodoo potion, we could use a Jolly Roger (Pirate flag, showing a flat (crushed?) skull). If you ever see them, have a look, old looking by our standards, but still great. The intro music was always the same, still makes me all goosebump-y. (Link below)

And remember, more than a decade before the trilogy I mentioned, we had young dashing pirates, female governors, zombie pirates, a jamaican priestess and curses left, right and center. Sound familiar?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Like Kosh said that one time on B5.

'..... And so, it begins....'

Yay! :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I like it. I do. Promise.

I made the terrible mistake of reading the 1st two books in the Portuguese translation. Which was atrocious. Unusually bad, in fact. So for the longest time, I simply didn't get it. I mean, the books were good, they simply weren't exceptional. I know, I know, same thing can be said of LOTR, and I do love those. And its almost the same story (they all are), self discovery, a quest, good vs evil. So I was a bit off put. The number 4 came out. And it had dragons. And I moved to the HP side. Now, after a whole decade (has it been THAT long???) it's over. And I have to say, I loved the final movies (although some of the last books were a bit long winded). So yeah. I liked it. I did. I really did. Promise!