Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Arrrrrgh, it be pirates!

In the long long ago, in the time before time, in the mists of the Big Bang (around 1990) a series of games came out. Remember, this is before Pirates of the Carabean were even a glint in some screenwriters' eye. The games were done by Lucasarts (All praise be to them!) and they were, in a word, Insane. In two words, Bloody Insane. In three, Hillariously Bloody Insane. They were a part of that dying breed, the adventure game. You didn't have to go around shooting people\aliens. You interacted with the enviroment, picked up objects, used them together and moved on in the game. They kept making sequels, we're probably on nuimber 4 or 5 by this point, but they can't beat the sheer insanity of the 1st two. Or indeed the rush when we found that when we needed 'a crushed skull' for a vodoo potion, we could use a Jolly Roger (Pirate flag, showing a flat (crushed?) skull). If you ever see them, have a look, old looking by our standards, but still great. The intro music was always the same, still makes me all goosebump-y. (Link below)

And remember, more than a decade before the trilogy I mentioned, we had young dashing pirates, female governors, zombie pirates, a jamaican priestess and curses left, right and center. Sound familiar?