Sunday, 10 October 2010

Old age, here I am,,,,

Last week, I celebrated my 35th circuit around the Sun. Those who know me, know that I couldn't care a tin of beans re: chronological age. Today, however, on a very early train out of Birmingham New Street, something happened that made me feel old, old, old. Carriage was very empty, as it would be at 8 something in the morning on a Sunday morning. I was reading my book, and I heard the ticket guy saying 'You OK, sweetheart?', 'Don't worry, I've seen it all on a Sunday morning.'. 'You'll be OK?', and then a young female voice going 'Yeah, I'll be fine, just want to get home.'
I immediately forgot about this and carried on reading. About 15 mins later, as we approached a station, someone got up from behind me and moved over to the door. Instinctively I looked over. She was short, spiky blond hair, couldn't have been a day over 17, 18. Massive headphones, quite obviously coming from from heavy clubbing/raving. She was dressed in a cropped tshirt and what can only be described as a thong, revealing pretty much all of of her buttocks.
Two thoughts assailed me, followed quickly by a third. 1) I'm sure she's cold, 2) I hope she gets home OK, bless her, and 3) Taking 1) and 2) into consideration, I'm bloody old.
I'm old. Meh.