Tuesday, 18 March 2008

What would be my superpower....?

Right, this one is a tricky one, and something that has concerned me, in a way, over the last 20 years: what superpower would I pick? The problem is, we are spoiled for choice. To pick just one publisher, Marvel Comics has been pumping out super-powered creatures like there's no tomorrow, for the last 60 years. So, what to pick? Underwater breathing? Flight? Teleportation? Telepathy? Telekinesys? Invisibility? Shape-shifting? All of the above?

I guess that, if hard pressed, I would have to say pyrokinesys - ability to create/manipulate fire. Silly, I know, but there you go. Or telekinesys - moving stuff around with your mind. Another good one. Problem is, I KNOW that being bitten by a radioctive spider doesn't give you the proportional powers of a spider, it would give you a nasty poisoning and some creative decontamination at your local hospital....*sigh....*