Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My time travel appeal.

Right, this should be easy. Time travel. Oh, yeah,it sounds dynamite on paper doesn't it? Going back in time, correcting things in your life. Or going to the future, and getting some technology that you can pass along as your invention. And then it all goes terribly, terribly wrong. You try and kill someone's mother before they were born, or you prevent your parents from meeting. It is a minefield, folks! I kid you not! Just go to see the pyramids being buit, or go for tea with Genghis Khan. That's fine. But be on guard at all times. You kill a bug, and millions of years later we all have gills. Hang on.... Ok, bad example, that would be a plus. But those are the exceptions. Just be very, very carefull, ok. Thank you.


Tanocas said...

És mesmo louco!!

Mas agora a sério, sempre gostei do conceito de viajar no tempo. O tempo sempre foi um fascínio p mim, como sabes, mas realmente temos que ter cuidado, pq mesmo o maior disparate que já fizemos ou a maior maldade que nos tenham efectuado fizeram de nós a pessoa q somos hoje. Assim, a verdadeira pergunta é:

Gostamos de nós? Gostamos de quem nos tornámos? Se sim, então muito cuidado para não pisar (nada nem ninguém) pois do nosso passado depende o nosso presente.