Thursday, 26 May 2011

Shush dear, the grown ups are talking.

Twice in as many days, I was made aware of people's attitudes towards sexuality. Once by evilness, the other by ignorance. And I have to ask, why? I simply don't get it. I mean, in some cases, its religion. OK, fair enough, its something you love and sustains you, but I don't think it should explain or justify hate (God is love, unconditional love). In others..... Well, its even odder for me to get. Could it be sublimated bicuriosity? Feeling some interest in some other sexual preference and denying yourself to the point you rot inside and lash out?

I don't get it.

I'm blessed with friends and mates all over the spectrum, straight, gay, bi, trans, ace, queer, you name it. And they are lovely. Every single one of them. And that's amazing.

People quote Darwin all the time saying 'survival of the fittest'. To begin with, good old Charles never actually said it (it was a press thing to explain his theory in easy terms), and they usually miss the 1st part of the theory: there must be VARIATION withing the species for it to evolve and adapt.

People should just shut up at times. Seriously. Get on with their lives, live and let live. And it would be so much better.