Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Darkness and the Light

Last week was weird. I lost someone, someone very close. Someone that, in theory, would have been responsible for me if the worse had happened. Trapped in a dark, dank cell of her own making, she couldn't take it anymore. And so she left. Seeing my grandparents shrivel and pass beyond the veil was tough, but they were old, with more days before than after, and sick. To see someone go through similar when she was neither is very weird. And brings back the old adage, people need to want to be helped, before than can be helped.

At the same time, the borrowing African mammal has been a beacon of niceness and hope. She's been a strength, a base of operations. Not only has she been there all the time, not 1 hour ago, she asked me how i wanted to cook in June, suggesting many dishes herself. And thats (it all) why I love her.

From the depths of darkness, to a new world of light. I love you, Jo. So much. And goodbye, aunt Cid. I shall see you too, Beyond the Veil.