Thursday, 19 May 2011

I cannae break the laws o'physics, cap't!

I get annoyed when the laws of Nature get broken in movies. Not in an obvious way, Odin's Beard, I love sci-fi and all the suspension of disbelief that comes with it. It's a milder, more subtle affair. One of my favorite peeves concerns radiation. a) Radioactive rods are NOT green-glowing and b) Gamma radiation is also not green. Furthermore, in no particular order: c) Shooting a car doesn't explode it, d) I'm sick and tired of seeing harmless Hissing Beetles playing fetid cockroaches, e) DNA and finger scans take days or weeks, not 42 mins (1 hour episode, minus commercial breaks), f) filling a computer with data would give you a computer with a lot of data, not a self-aware computer. Thats pretty much it. Oh, and finally, g) Vampires should not glow. Under any circumstance.