Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Old portuguese saying....

I can finally write about it. In the old country, we have many sayings. I guess it was a form of preserving wisdom in an farming/agricultural world, where the next village was half a day away. One of them, roughly translated says: 'Better alone that in bad company.' How very, very true. Why do we keep around us people that are bad for us, when, just out of simple probabilities, there must be at least one other person, out of 6 billion, that is actually good for us? Why do we stay chained to pain and suffering, and tell ourselves lies, and falsehoods, just because, it might turn out OK? It is so much like plugging yourself into the Matrix, you're manipulating the sensory input, changing and adapting what is coming in, so that you see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear and believe.... Whatever you want to believe.

Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill??

Still, I don't regret it, not really. It is with pain that we grow, and I am (or will be) the better man for it. And it was fun, before the decay started, and all went to dust. You win some and you loose some, I guess. The oriental religions believe in the cyclic nature of the Universe, karma, and all that. I will leave this purified and ready for the next one, in every possible sense of the word! :)


joana said...

well, we perceive the world as we want it to be. glass half full or half empty - it depends on where you are and how you are at the moment. sometimes you can tell right away that certain people are poisonous for you, sometimes you can't; sorry but that's just life!

still, it's nice and also refreshing to find someone who's just ready to take the good out of a crappy situation instead of moping around. the crappy parts are good; they're the ones who teach us the most important lessons, the ones that stick with us no matter what (even cause they brought along so much pain we really don't wanna be caught in the same position twice!) I say forget the blue pill, our pain should never fall into oblivion. we should embrace it for all the good we can take out of it, let pain be your jiminy cricket or your yoda. and as I once heard "for one banquet to begin, another has to end".

joana said...

(going by numbers is always nice)

1.thanks for all the alcohol-related advice, i'll consider it next time i'm in the mood for booze.

2.u really think i'm a total geek when it comes to lord of the rings, don't u? maybe even speak fluent elvish... (i really don't, i'm just your average, plain nerd, no extreme geekyness)

3. and u're welcome. we all need a pat in the shoulder from time to time, and since i'm so dense at realizing when exactly do people need it, i just like to keep patting away! (maybe that came out a little too blunt, oh well... can't blame a girl for being honest!) besides, it's always nice to encorage people to post (in other words, to expose themselves ;P)