Tuesday, 12 February 2008

1st Blog entry.... What to write?????

I start this blog with the certainty that it will forever be lost amidst the endless Petabytes of the internet. Still, if someone, somewhere, somewhen comes across it and reads it, and smiles, I should take as mission accomplished.... So, start at the beguining: Name's Rui, nice to meet y'all, almost 33, born and raised in Portugal, currently working in the UK; Organic Chemist by trade with a good chunk of Sci-Fi nerdiness inside. See the pics, you'll see what I mean. I intend to post something, at least once a week, a small tirade of what is happening in The Eye of the Storm, i.e. my brain.This week's been a bit on the crazy side, as per usual: work, applying for more work, cooking, etc. Same old, same old, really, but it doesn't make it better. Saw a great movie over the weekend, though: Daywatch. Russian fantasy, if you can believe it. I loved it, and recommend it, although my mate C - fluent russian speaker says the original book in the original russian is sooo much better. Totally agree, having read The Lord of the Rings in both portuguese and russian, I know exactly what she means.... Other than that, I'm just enjoying this magnificent sunshine, the Gods know that in Birmingham its not usual....